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QS Door hinge masks/covers, available in residential and commercial sizes, and constructed of a unique material and adhesive are created to innovate and eliminate the constant problem that has plagued painting contractors, homeowners, and building personnel for decades...Hinges during a painting job!

Created by a commercial painter in the 90's, Quickey Stickey masks have been continuously revolutionized for optimal performance!

Product Details

The featuring material and adhesive used in developing The Quickey Stickey creates a reliable, bleed-free seal preventing paints and stains from penetrating to the surface of the door hinge during your painting process.

Once the project is finished, our paint masks can be removed easily, leaving behind no adhesive residue!


Unique Features

Printed on the mask are registration lines that align with the joints of the hinges. This feature allows you to quickly and easily match the mask to the door hinge.

We have also enhanced the Commercial 4.0 inch mask to include adjustable edges with tear-off corners.


Instructions for Easy Application

  • Apply the hinge masks to each hinge plate.
  • Apply the pin mask to the interior barrel, and fold the ends to cover the pin.

Before Paint


Apply the Hinge Mask


Paint the Door


Perfect Results

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